Make your first stop when you decide that you need to purchase a food lift.

The Food Lift is simply a dumbwaiter lift which has been relabelled based on its duties to transport food between levels of places such as Restaurants, Pubs and Cafes.  With our vast experience of Food Lifts we know how important they are to the hospitality sector and how choosing the right food lift can also be vital to your operation.

We help to specify only the most reliable robust food lifts available to the market via one of our dumb waiter lift partners for the most competitive prices available, we believe that quality is the most important factor when choosing a food lift as they are often the busiest type of lift in its category.

Food Lifts are generally specified in Stainless steel however they can also be found in grey baked enamel which is also a hygienic wipeable surface and is more cost efficient than the stainless steel option.

Options include:

Heated Shelf – This keeps food warm during transit and ensure customers food is not cold on arrival

Intercom System – Makes it easy to communicate between restaurant floor and kitchen level

Additional Lift Shelves – Why not make the most of the food lift with some extra shelving and move more plates at one time

Food Lift

Food Lift

The food lift can be found all over the UK in many hospitality business’s proving endless service and saving money on additional waiting staff as well as preventing accidents such as tripping with hot food.

The London restaurant trade have taken to the food lift over the past 10-15 years and you can find one of these special dumbwaiters in almost any restaurant which happens to serve either two levels or has its kitchen on a different level to the restaurant floor.

With its many benefits this lift will be serving the hospitality sector for many years to come and the food lift will continue to remain a popular addition to the any commercial kitchen.

If your business is in need of a food lift contact us and we will help you locate the best food elevator available.

Updated: 15/11/16