Dumbwaiters in Private Homes

Dumbwaiters have been used in the home for longer than you can imagine, going back several hundred years so it should not be a suprise to hear that they are still a big part of life in many private homes across the UK, in particular in london private homes in well known locations such as knightsbridge, chelsea, notting hill and many more.

Many designers and architects integrate a service lift as part of the fabric of the overall design and layout of the building,  often a dumbwaiter can be customized to suit the kitchen style, finishes or colours should the owner wish to choose that option.  In many private homes the dumbwaiter is as essential as a refridgerator or tv and can be found travelling between levels usually tucked away in a cupboard or corner of a room dircretly going about its business.

There are numerous uses for dumbwaiters in the home however many use them to transport items such as luggage, food and drinks between levels which can include a roof terrace should you be fortunate enough to have one or even a swimming pool area which has become another popular addition to a high level london home usually located in the basement.

As well as being a very useful product to have in the home dumb waiters can also be a luxury accessory to any high end kitchen and bespoke finishes and options are often the order of the day for wealthy home owners,  dumbwaiters in the home will often be fit with fancy intercom systems to talk between floors and occassionaly heated to keep your soup warm or whatever you may fancy.

Dumb waiter in Private Home

Dumb waiter in Private Home

Home lifts should always be discussed and specified by a qualified person such as an interior designer or architect as they also need to be considered in structural terms and to ensure the position of the lift will be suitable for both the lift installation and ongoing use of the lift itself.

Dumbwaiters in the home are here to stay, we fully recommend getting one in your home if you havent chosen to already.


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